annetteInteresting week.  After doing my first post my thought was well that’s not so hard.  I could do this daily or weekly but I commend those that stick with it.  Blogging takes dedication…maybe I do have adult ADD. My son has coached me many times that I need to do more blogging and even bought me a book about Social Media for Seniors.  LOL, I know I am old but Senior? Got to love him. Anyway at least here goes number 2.  Last week my #cheesepalooza friends and I had another workshop.  Two attendees were from a St. Albert Farmers Market.  The girl had decided this one day to visit the market on a whim and there was this cheese booth offering workshops to come out to the farm and engage in cheesemaking as a stepping stone to artisan cheesemaking at home.  I was handing out little chits of information on the project and the event.  She came up and started screaming in delight that she now knew what she was getting her father for his 50th Birthday.  She never tried any of the cheese or anything just took the little chit.  A couple of weeks later there she was in an email asking for more info~ collected the fee and sent her a gift certificate for her father and “build it they will come~” …she and her father did.  What a great addition to the #cheesepalooza project.  Very enthusiastic and engaging in the process.  For that session we made more Caerphilly but also finished dressing the rinds on our Montasio.  We did half the wheels in a chipolte rub and half in the honey rub that is in the book.  Did not have straight fennel and honey but had a mix with lavender fennel.  She got very excited about the lavender so away we went with it.  The rind turned out very shiny and pretty.  We have had to wash the cheese once, but we will be doing a second application here in the next day or so.

On Friday the health inspector did his visit to the facility and again we passed with flying colors.  Koodos to Alex.  With me working full-time during the week, I depend on him for the upkeep.  We did about 5 days of cheesemaking so cheeses were in various stages of development, needless to say after work duties can be challenging.  We have many hard wheels on the go but also now 270 fresh goat cheese pieces to attend to.  The goat Brie, (Annette) has come out beautiful again.  We are back to using a supplier out of Lacombe.  The milk upon arrival was beautiful.  The first thing I did after loading in the vat was the cream test.  🙂  I love to take the fresh cream off the top and go into the house and make a fresh pot of coffee and froth the cream to make a fresh latte.  Besides the other tests we do that is the MOST IMPORTANT for ME!  it was great.  Needless to say this leads to awesome chevre, st maure, valencay and annette. We also perform other tests on the milk and are very fortunate to have the equipment to do that in house. Just like any commercial plant we must test our milk for hormones, antibiotics, ecoli steph, and other things.  The milk that comes thru our door and out again is farm fresh and artisan but also very clean and pure.  Koodos to the farmers that do that work for us and put their heart and soul into the raising and caring of the milking herds.

We have a few wholesale accounts that are waiting patiently for the cheese.  One order we got which is a new market for us is RED DEER.  Most of the goat cheese that Alex is attending to right now (Thank god for Alex)is heading to Big Bend Market, next week.

There are a couple of other new outlets that are going to take our cheese, and will post about those later when they are headed out.  We are also looking at supplying a new smoothie bar with our goat yogurt.

We went to market today in SMOKY LAKE.  First time going there.  Kind of a practice run for us again since we have not been to market since the fall.  Met great people and launched our REDWATER Caerphilly.  Big hit, which we thought it would be.  Met some awesome artisan foodies.  I always enjoy tasting some of the other products out there as well.  I LOVE  the Farmers Market…once I get there.  Packing up is always the hard part.    The Redwater went really nice with an apple rosemary jelly that a lady had and we were next to birds and bees wine.  Ryan from Birds and Bees who knows our cheese immediately thought the REDWATER would go with the Apple Wine he has, so the sales started a three-way.  We have some cheeseplatters that we need to make up this week so we got to trade for some apple rosemary jelly to add to our platters.

Picked up a couple of other treats.  One is from Sharon Johnson.  She sells farm fresh cow cream in Bonnyville and manages the TUESDAY Market.  It was great to see her again, since I have not been back to the Bonnyville Market since last winter.  Some exciting things in the works with #cheesepalooza, involving a guest coming to facilitate and give some expertise with making cheese.  Cannot say much right now as details are still in the works.  But believe me if you love cheese you wont want to miss the announcement.

Christmas time we will be making ASIAGO Cheese.  Smoky Valley “We’ve Got Your Goat”Cheese and now Cow cheese as well.  Dont know how to incorporate both in our byline.  Inspector thought call our cheese COAT Cheese for both Cow and Goat.  I thought BOGO for Bovine and Goat?  Any suggestions?

Coming to Edmonton Dec 15th and 22nd @CITY104.  Come out and try our new lineup and our old standby cheeses.  Talk to us about #cheesepalooza workshops.  Let’s Make Cheese!

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2 Responses to Annette

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  2. Your blog makes me HUNGRY!

    How about creating a page with definitions for all these foodie words, with links?

    I like the name Bogo, of the two, at the same time, I MUCH prefer SVGOATCHEESE!

    Keep up the great work. Excited for your next post!

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