Tis the Season

Both Alex and I work off farm as well as make cheese, go to markets, have cheesepalooza workshops and try out new recipes and ideas we see on the web. I can’t imagine if we had children to look after and feed and nurture. We nurture 1 cat named Pockets, 1 Dog named JAVA and 2 barn cats Mia and Boots. We basically nurture cheese. Maybe it is our age. We have 3 children between us and 1 grandchild. Our children are 2 girls 26 years old, one mine one his and a son 28, and I have a grandaughter 8. Rarely ever do we see any of the girls , but my son every once in a while. They grow up and move away, and life goes on. Thankful for social media or we would barely ever converse. Especially skype, gotta love it. Now if we could have smellavision and tasteavision they could taste and smell the cheeses as we produce them.
Alex works three months on and three months off for the same company I do , for our off farm income. I work full time. During his 3 months off our plan is to stock up on the hard RAW milk cheeses so this spring and summer we will have a large variety of cheese for our customers to enjoy. As well we are trying to hold back some cheese for long term maturation. With the expansion into Cow milk as well as Goat milk, our lineup of products will be ever evolving. Especially since the partnership with #cheesepalooza and the workshops. We have the workshops on long weekends. Next one will be the family day long weekend. There are some special events with #cheesepalooza and Fruit Rescue coming up that we are very excited about so please stay tuned as we can announce some of the funstuff coming about.
Launching this month will be a cheese called Montasio. We have 2 varieties of this hard cheese. One the rind is developed with Honey and Lavender and is called SZENDI-MOON. The other Montasio the rind has been infused with many spices and chipolte. This one we call EL TORRO. Another cheese coming up will be our NEW BRIE, with coconut cream infusion. Our Caerphilly called REDWATER came out in December but we have that version and another version called CALLINGWOOD launching in January as well. The REDWATER has the rind developed using ARN whereby the Callingwood does not. This is a RAW MILK Cheddar. Towards the end of January our Goat Mountain Tomme RAW MILK Cheese will be ready whereby we also will have a smoked version. Our Pyranees will be smoked as well as a new line of BLUE CHEESE will be smoked and non smoked. Pretty exciting. Hopefully many of our customers new and repeaters will stop by our table at CITY104Market and try and buy our new lineup.

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3 Responses to Tis the Season

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  2. thanks for this blog – i LOVE reading your newsy updates
    almost as much as i enjoy visiting you at the market and tasting your cheese!
    have the happiest of nye’s – see you in the new year- i WILL make coming to make cheese a to do in 2013!
    su 🙂

    • Thanks so much. I appreciate your comments and look forward to you coming for cheesepalooza workshop. You are one of the customers that make us get up and do it all over again. 🙂
      Our NYE is being spent developing a new cheese we are calling Alloette. It will be a Cheese Chatter Box entry for sure.
      See you next year and may it be fatabulous for you in 2013.

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