Calgon…Take me Away

Ever think that it would be nice to go to France,Hungary, Egypt, Spain, Russia, Ukraine? I do but work and finances don’t allow me to take in all i want to see and do, But someday. In the meantime, one can experience some of the foods. We are so lucky to live in this country Canada, that exposes without prejudice the cultures and foods of all the places i hope someday to visit. We have multiculturalism in our restaurants, our festivities, our schools, and at Smoky Valley we try and expose some of the cheeses.
Our mainstay and what we inherited from the purchase of the farm was the FRENCH cheeses. Valencay, St Maure and BRIE from goat milk. Now the terroir is different of course here in Canada, and obviously in Alberta. We cannot create the exact flavours one would get from the cheese shops in FRANCE. Our cheese might not be the “REAL”cheese form FRANCE but it is the REAL CANADIAN cheese from NE Alberta. But one can pair our cheeses with a FRENCH WINE or a “REAL Alberta Wine and experience some of the pleasures one would experience if one were really there. Have a get together or girls night out and have a THEME PARTY.
Last month we made a WELSH CHEESE called CAERPHILLY which we call “REDWATER”to give the famous cheese the method of Wales , the flavour of NE Alberta Terroir and an Alberta “name. Last week we brought out MONTASIO, an ITALIAN Cheese. Again the process but the ALBERTA terroir and our own names. One cheese the SZENDIMOON, has a rind development of ALBERTA HONEY and BC Lavender. Very creamy cheese. The name may not be an Albertan name but is very special to Alex’s and my heart. Alex’s mother passed away from Cancer and my mother is very fragile. Alex’s mom was a caterer and she loved Lavender and Honey. Her maiden name was SZENDI. Last year we took my mom to a LAVENDER Farm in Sydney BC. As Alex pushed my moms wheelchair into the field of lavender she asked to be left there just for a little while as she enjoyed the scents and the view. She said if she died today this is what she wanted to remember. Then she proceeded to almost buy out the local store on my VISA of Lavender everything. But it was priceless! As a kid my parents raised BEES. I grew up on honey. We did not even have sugar in the house. Childhood friends were so surprised when they would come over and see us using honey on our oatmeal, coffee, meats, cookies, baking, carrots, everything. My moms maiden name is MOON. Hence the cheese.
We have another version of the MONTASIO we call EL TORRO. That cheeses rind is developed using oil and chipolte spices as a rub. Same cheese but different rind. It was interesting with the launch how some people could detect the totally different taste, yet same cheese. Amazing how the rind can change the flavour of the cheese.
We have more coming out of the cheese room that I will write about in the next few weeks as we bring them to market. It was at the market last Saturday that spurred me to name this Calgon, take me away! A customer came up and tasted the cheeses and then asked if we make this cheese some call MONTREAL Cottage Cheese. I gave the customer my email and he made some connections and got me the recipe. Apparently this cheese is RUSSIAN, but has also been produced in MONTREAL. It is a cottage cheese made from buttermilk. I assured him that i would make the effort to make this cheese for him. It is an interesting cheese, and i reiterate, I am so lucky to be surrounded by multiculturalism and to use my craft to experience my little world of cheese. I think it turned out beautiful and I hope our customer feels the same. We will know Saturday. We liked it so much we had some for supper and have made extra to sell at the market.
This week at market we have a little something with COCONUT. Hmm, City104 MArket City Hall Edmonton 10-3pm.
We have the next #Cheesepalooza cheesemaking workshop coming up Feb 17th. There we will introduce out new cheese called RACLETTE. We named it ALLOETTE. This cheese is unique for its melting abilities and creates the REAL CHEESE for a european event. We will have a RACLETTE LUNCH that day. Sign up for the workshop , taste the European Raclette Lunch and take some cheese home with you to have your own themed european event at home. NOW LET’S MAKE CHEESE!

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